Monday, 23 April 2012

Crafty Weekend

Hello, hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It was a very enjoyable, but tiring one for me as I had my 5yr old god-daughter, Demi to stay for the weekend.  She loves to craft and has her own craft box here for when she stays and boy did we craft!

She loves stickers and colouring in and we did lots of both.  I stamped some cupcake images for her to colour and she had great fun. Yes, that is one of my flexmarkers she is using ( i must be mad!) lol, but she's very good and understands you have to be gentle with them and none ruined so far, so it's all good.
Hope to show you some of my cards later, but am so tired I can see me having a nap first, lol. I had to get up early this morning to get Demi bathed and dressed ready for school and make a packed lunch all before 8.30.  You could tell I haven't done it in a while and I forgot how long it takes to brush a little girls hair!  My daughter is 27 this year, so it's been a while! lol. We made it in time though and she is already talking about what we will do on her next visit. : )
Thanks for stopping by
Luv Michele xx

p.s. just added another pic of some of Demi's cards and a kite she made for my hubby Kevin x

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amanda stokes said...

Hi Michelle,
Looks like you a had a good weekend,my son loves to sit and craft me with colouring being his favourite too :) xx

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