Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Thanks Girls

I've been given this award by two lovely ladies, Gina and Wendy, thank you so much, I really appreciate these awards, it's nice to know that peeps are enjoying my blog.

The rules are: You have to give the award to 5 others and link to their blog, aswell as who gave you the award.
These 5 people shall pass it on to another 5.
Then list 5 things you are addicted to.
So here are my 5 things:
1. My Family
2. Crafting
3. Blogging
4. Music
5. Greys Anatomy (Oooh that McSteamy!)
The 5 people I have chosen to give this award to are:
Erin, Sarah, Joey, Joy and Mina

Sorry if you already have it girls.

Off to let them know now. xxxxxxxx


Neve38 said...

Thanks Michele, another award, I didn't realise there was so many lol. I shall put this on my blog tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to both you and your family Michele.

Joy xx

joey said...

Hi Michelle, thankyou so much for thinking of me! I am honoured. love

Mina said...

Thank you so much Michele, I shall put this on my blog asap Merry Christmas to you and your family xxx

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