Thursday, 19 March 2009

Been neglecting my blog!

Hello, It's such a lovely day today, it is so nice to see the sun again!
I haven't had much time to blog recently, I have had so many cards to make and such little time to do them in that my poor blog has been neglected. And to top it all, on Tuesday we were burgled! They didn't take much thankfully because I disturbed them, but it's a horrible feeling to think someone has been in your home going thru all your things.
Anyway, I will hopefully get time to come and look at all your blogs later and catch up with all your lovely cards and maybe get a couple done myself!
Take care
Michele x


Anonymous said...

That must of been an awful experience,to find someone in your house.Hope your ok.Kelly

kay said...

hi michele,read on dc re your burglery,thank god you and your family were unhurt.

Vicky said...

big hug...what a horrible thing to have happened. take care. looking forward to seeing some cards from you soon!xx

Melly said...

Hey huni, thanks again for becoming a follower!Thats just horrible, I'm glad no-one was hurt!! Hope you are ok and not to shaken! Big hug mel xxx

Sue said...

Oh Michelle, I'm sorry to read of your burglary. It's a horrid experience. It happended to us many years ago and it took a little while to get over it. It is horrible to think of someone rummaging though your things. Hope you're back with some cards soon.x

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