Sunday, 23 November 2008

My Craft Room

I had a tidy up in my craft room the other day at hubby's request, as I do share his office.
I think I made a very good job of it and used my new storage boxes that he bought me from Ikea.
He couldn't believe it when I had finished and suggested I take photo's "because it won't look like it for long" were his exact words. lol
He said I should've taken 'before' photo's, but I think I would've been too embarrassed to put them on here. lol
It looked such a mess and he could just about sit at the desk, but always came away with glitter or bits of paper stuck to him.
He was so good to let me share his office. I used to have a corner of the living room and one day he said "why don't I put a couple of shelves up in my office for you?" and now he is the one with one shelf! It's the one at the bottom of the small bookcase. He does laugh about it though.

Below, I have all my wooden stamps on one shelf with my cuttlebug and I keep my unmounted stamps (of which I have a growing collection) in a couple of my Green boxes along with a box each for ribbons, adhesives, craft cd's, ink pads and one for my cuttlebug folders and nesties. All of my little embellishments like, buttons, brads etc are kept in the plastic cases in little compartments, so I can easily find them.

I have a big desk, which gives me lots of room to spread out when I'm making cards and I keep all my most used items on the desk, like my black ink pad and my adhesives and some punches, but everything is within reach, which I like.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour around my craft room.
Thanks for looking,
Michele xxxxxxxx


Pink Diamond Workshop said...

looks fab very tidy, i need to put some new tidy pics of mine on too

Mina said...

how fab is your craft space you lucky thing...and your husband was right I would have loved a before piccy just to prove Im not the only messy pup lol xxx

katy said...

Oh what a fabulous space to work in !! xx

Tara said...

Oooooh, you tease me, this is a fab workspace. I've got one on my Christmas list, somehow I don't think I'll get it though, lol! xx

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